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Campland RV Resort, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Campland RV Resort, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A Stop on the Phoenix's Grand Fossil Tour

By Jim Fulton

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I spent three days at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. There were no fossil targets nearby, but it was a major city on my way east, very much like most North American cities. The story for this episode will examine the nature of science and how it explains the things it is applied to.

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Arrived 2017/8/29
Day of Tour 38
Nights Stayed 3
Departed 2017/9/1
Map miles from last stop 307
Mileage on arrival 20,900
Actual miles from last stop 230
Accumulated miles for trip 3,995

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We're not out of Kansas anymore, Toto. I headed east from Drumheller to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, remaining in the badlands along the Red Deer River for about an hour, then rising onto the Canadian great plains, short-grass prairie, steppe, whatever it best be called. Long rolling miles of wheat in harvest, just like Kansas, grain on one side of the road, stubble on the other, interspersed with pastureland and occasional groves of short trees. After I crossed into Saskatchewan I began to see an increasing number of small lakes and ponds. I had noticed those on Google Maps before, when I was previewing the trip. I'm not sure of their origin, probably glacial. Anyway, the prairie wind rocked my trailer again, but not as severely as the other day in Drumheller.

I spent three days at Saskatoon. There were no fossil targets nearby, but it was a major city on my way east, with a name I have found intriguing since I first heard it, probably on a Sergeant Preston radio show (yes, I'm that old!). I did drive through the town, but took no photographs. Saskatoon adds confirmation to my growing hypothesis that cities throughout North America, and perhaps around the globe, are pretty much alike. Except for ancient buildings, mostly in ruins, and usually hidden by the urban growth of the past century, most architecture follows modern rules for fitting efficiently into modern culture and city planning. There's variety, but each variant could be found anywhere, and none obviously typifies a particular locale. Oh, there are uniquenesses, but they're small-scale, known only to locals.

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Campland RV Resort

Campland RV Resort is a comfortable atoll in the sea of the prairie. It is relatively new, and has a typical, modern layout of row upon row of evenly spaced, just wide enough sites, angled just right for easy big rig access.

This has become the standard layout. It's much better than some of the sardine-can packing that I've seen at some sites.

It's just boring! And it's isolating. It does nothing to bring campers together. You step out your front door, and what do you see? Not your neighbor! You see his utility and sewer hookouts just a few feet away.

I don't mean to pick on Campland. They've done a good job in executing the standard, providing a reasonable amount of room, along the amenities that will keep a camping family active and happy. The trees are too young to provide much shade, but I suspect that the campground is not long removed from a farmer's field, and tall trees will take time.

I would not hesitate to return to Campland if my travels take me back to Saskatoon.

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Campland RV Resort
Campland RV Resort
Campland RV Resort
Campland RV Resort
Campland RV Resort
Campland RV Resort
Campland RV Resort
Campland RV Resort
Campland RV Resort
Campland RV Resort
Address Box 1111
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 3N2
Home Page
Phone (306) 477-7444
(with discounts & taxes)
  • Reasonably prices
  • Good-sized sites
  • Easy access
  • Modern and comfortable
  • Trees too young to provide shade
  • Somewhat boring in its repetition of standard campground layouts
Reviews (as of 2018/1/27)
Reviewer Rating Out of
RV Park Reviews 8.4 (Good) 10
Good Sam 8.5 10
Tripadvisor 4 5
Phoenix 7 10
  Site Type pull-through  
  Site Size 7 10
  Ease of Access 8 10
  WiFiPhoenix 7 10


My next stop after leaving Saskatoon was a brief layover in Indian Head, Saskatchewan, from which I did drive back to Regina to see the provincial museum.

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