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Shoemaker’s RV Park, near Bevier, Missouri

Shoemaker’s RV Park, near Bevier, Missouri

A Stop on the Phoenix's Grand Fossil Tour

By Jim Fulton

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I spent a single night at Bevier, Missouri, on my way to my childhood homes around Pittsburg and Fort Scott, Kansas. That one night was long enough for my furnace to go out while the temperatures dropped to 16° F.

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Bevier, Missouri

Arrived 2017/12/7
Day of Tour 138
Nights Stayed 1
Departed 2017/12/8
Map miles from last stop 452
Mileage on arrival 27,538
Actual miles from last stop 590
Accumulated miles for trip 10,633

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Well, that was an exciting adventure! Let's not do that again!

Repairs were completed and paid for at Duncan's RV, so after a month in Elkhart, I was able to pack up and leave. As usual my body likes to wake up early on travel days, leaving me no say in the matter. What with the cold in my throat, that I won't mention and certainly not complain about, I was not well rested for a 460-mile trip that Google thought would take about 7 hours.

Google reckoned without midwestern December weather.
As I was hitching and connecting and so on, I noticed a slight dusting of tiny snowflakes. Nothing to worry about. As I got onto the road, the dusting became more vigorous, when I got out of town and onto US 20 (I had told Google to avoid toll roads: they're murder on truck-trailer combos, and the ones in Illinois require CASH.) So I was on a 4-lane back road in the dark of 6 in the morning with very little traffic, and hence no other headlights to tell me where the road, or my lane, was. My own headlights were bouncing of snowflakes, creating a blur that obscured the edges of the lanes even more than the slight accumulation of snow. I had to watch for the stakes along the road and listen for the rumble strips. Night-time snow is bad enough for driving any time, but it's nerve-wracking pulling a trailer.

After a couple hours of very slow driving, the sun came out the snow disappeared. An hour later and there was no hint of snow alongside the road. But a 7-hour journey took 10. I guess my body knew what it was doing when it got me up early.

I was supposed to be in southern Missouri or Arkansas by this time, missing all the subfreezing temps of the upper Midwest. Bless you, Murphy!

In order to catch up a bit on my schedule, I spent only a single night at Shoemakers RV Park, in Bevier, Missouri, on my way to my childhood homes around Pittsburg and Fort Scott, Kansas. The sun was bright and radiating extreme cold, as is its wont in that part of the world in the winter. That night, the temperatures dropped down to 16° F, which was of course a perfect occasion for my furnace to go out. Fortunately, Shoemakers also provides RV repair services, and they were able to replace the control module. (More $$$ into the RV ocean!)

Apparently I didn't take any picture of the park. Sorry about that! It was reasonably pleasant, despite the temperatures, well worth visiting in warmer times of the year.

From there I drove down to Crawford State Park near Farlington, Kansas, a pretty park with easy drives to Fort Scott and Pittsburg.

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