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Cherokee Lakes RV Park, near Little Rock, Arkansas

Cherokee Lakes RV Park, near Little Rock, Arkansas

A Stop on the Phoenix's Grand Fossil Tour

By Jim Fulton

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I spent a couple nights at Little Rock, Arkansas. No time for site-seeing this time through. It was late December, and I wanted out of the freezing weather as quickly as possible.

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Little Rock, Arkansas

Arrived 2017/12/17
Day of Tour 148
Nights Stayed 2
Departed 2017/12/19
Map miles from last stop 264
Mileage on arrival 28,630
Actual miles from last stop 286
Accumulated miles for trip 11.725

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I want to see mountains again, Gandalf!” I don’t know if Bilbo would have been satisfied. After all, the Boston Mountains, a southwestern branch of the Ozarks in Arkansas, are not the magnificent Misty Mountains around Rivendell, much less cruel, snow-covered Caradhras. They are not the tall crags of the Rockies, or even the Cascades. These mountains are old. They were laid down in the Cambrian oceans and raised up to their full height 300 million years ago, along with the Appalachians, when the South American plate pressed in from the south and the Atlantic from the east. Wind and ice and rain have worn them down, grinding rock into the soil that covers their bones, or that washed away in the flood to raise southern Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi from the sea, leaving them mere hills to unobservant observers. The land is mixed pasture and woodland, mostly deciduous trees of moderate height, though on rare occasion conifers compete successfully.

On this mid-December day, the sky was swollen and gray, with frequent light sprinkles. No snow (thank the universe), but still not the weather that makes driving a joy. I do hope that my future brings me back to this land on a bright spring or summer’s day. It would be beautiful.

Anyway, after a day of driving through the gray hills, I found myself in Little Rock, Arkansas

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Cherokee Lakes RV Park

The campground is basically a large gravel lot, laid out into standard, reasonably-sized, angled RV sites. It's somewhat dismal if you focus just on the the camping area, but the surrounding woodland is large and lovely, and it will be even prettier when the green sets on in the spring. There's a pond for fishing and a number of hikes available, that I might have taken, had I more time. All in all, not a bad place at a very reasonable price.

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Cherokee Lakes RV Park
Cherokee Lakes RV Park
Cherokee Lakes RV Park
Cherokee Lakes RV Park
Cherokee Lakes RV Park
Cherokee Lakes RV Park
Address 13500 Pam Cv
Alexander, Arkansas 72002
Home Page
Phone (501) 626-0197
  • none
Rate (net US$) $24.29
  • Beautiful, wooded surroundings
  • Very affordable
  • The actual RV sites are somewhat dismal
Reviews (as of 2018/2/25)
Reviewer Rating Out of
RV Park Reviews 7.8 (Good) 10
Good Sam n/a 10
Tripadvisor n/a 5
Phoenix 7 10
  Site Type pull-through  
  Site Size 8 10
  Ease of Access 8 10
  WiFiPhoenix 7 10


From Little Rock I went to Vicksburg, and finally got my itinerary back where it was supposed to be.

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