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Charlotte KOA, near Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte KOA, near Charlotte, North Carolina

A Stop on the Phoenix's Grand Fossil Tour

By Jim Fulton

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Title Charlotte KOA, near Charlotte, North Carolina
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Arrived 2018/3/6
Day of Tour 227
Nights Stayed 7
Departed 2018/3/13
Map miles from last stop 178
Mileage on arrival 33,460
Actual miles from last stop 400
Accumulated miles for trip 16,555

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I had no particular reason in mind when I added Charlotte to my itinerary. There are no fossils there, and compared to St. Augustine and Atlanta and Savannah and Charleston, there’s not much historically, though I’m sure the locals could tell me of lots of Civil War sites. I think once, a lifetime ago, I interviewed for a job in Charlotte, but I wasn’t even short-listed, so the episode has dwindled to almost nothing in my memory. Probably the main factor in putting it on my itinerary was that I didn’t want to drive all the way to the Raleigh-Durham area in one swell foop, and Charlotte seemed a reasonable place to take a break.

The drive from Charleston to Charlotte was all interstate, all rain, so there's nothing worthwhile to report of the journey. ’Twas one of the few times in this whole tour that I’ve had to set up in the rain, but I’m getting more efficient at it.

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Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is a city of wealth: modern, bustling, and building. I went to the Fourth Ward, which is where I was directed when I searched for old homes in Charlotte. What I found there was not a living museum, dedicated to the past, like the cities I mentioned above. This is a modern, upscale residential area, neighboring a downtown full of clean, tall, modern buildings. I have not documented these impressions with photographs; everything I could show is already present in your memories of modern cities. It is so "normal" that your brain would refuse to remember it.

I drove past the stadium of the Carolina Panthers. I always wondered why an NFL team would locate in such a remote city. I know now. I don’t know whether the team stimulated the city’s growth, or vice-versa. I suspect it was synergy, as is usually the case when a region takes off.

From there I drove by the Queens University of Charlotte, in the southern regions of the city. I drove through miles and miles of good, solid, well-maintained $500K homes, with one street lined with multi-M mansions. Taras without the plantations.

Economically, despite all the progressive hand-wringing about their putatively regressive labor- and social- and political policies, they are succeeding, Charlotte has done something right. If liberals want to regain this region, they’re going to have to figure out why Charlotte’s backward ideas have not led to another Potterville, as their theories would have it.

Charlotte KOA

This campground does not live up to even minimal KOA standards. The office is in a gas station. There is a tavern attached to the office, but it has no kitchen. The only food available is frozen pizza from the office.

The campground is a big gravel parking lot, with ill-defined boundaries. There are trees growing on the corners of the site that make access difficult.

Charlotte KOA was tolerable for my purposes in the region, and they seem to be active in making improvements. There seem to be some long-term residents, but I can't imagine staying there for more than a few days, and I certainly would not plan to return.

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Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA Office in a Gas Station
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA Office in a Gas Station
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Charlotte KOA
Address 940 Gold Hill Rd
Fort Mill South Carolina 29708
Home Page
Phone Reserve: (888) 562-4430‬
Info: ‭(803) 548-1148
Rate (net US$) $44
  • Acceptable for a short stay
  • Appendage to a gas station
  • Unattractive, almost seedy campground
  • Trees on corners of sites impede access
Reviews (as of 2018/1/27)
Reviewer Rating Out of
RV Park Reviews 6.6 Good 10
Good Sam 7 10
KOA 4  
Tripadvisor 4.5 5
Phoenix 5 10
  Site Type pull-through  
  Site Size 8 10
  Ease of Access 6 10
  WiFiPhoenix 7 10


From Charlotte I went up to the Raleigh/Durham area. I wanted to see for myself whether the economic success I found in Charlotte extended throughout North Carolina.

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