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High Plains Camping, near Oakley, Kansas

High Plains Camping, near Oakley, Kansas

A Stop on the Phoenix's Grand Fossil Tour

By Jim Fulton

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I spent two nights at High Plains Camping, near Oakley, Kansas, in order to rest between long drives.

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Oakley, Kansas

Arrived 2018/10/15
Day of Tour 450
Nights Stayed 2
Departed 2048/10/17
Map miles from last stop 352
Mileage on arrival 45,600
Actual miles from last stop 600
Accumulated miles for trip 27,083

I spent two nights at High Plains Camping, near Oakley, Kansas, in order to rest between long drives.

Oakley is another of those small farming communities that dot the plains of western Kansas. It lives on the exchange of grain and livestock for farming equipment.

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The Journey to Oakley

I'm into the sprint laps! I had a good time visiting family in Leavenworth, but it was time to race the weather to Washington.

And weather was on my mind. The night before I was scheduled to leave, my weather app was predicting "light" snow in northern Kansas. You who are familiar with the region will know that such a forecast opens the possibility of heavy accumulation. So I was quite apprehensive for my long drive across Kansas. But the snow was indeed light, and the morning was gloriously sunny. With new tires and 4WD, Moby Richard was able to pull my trailer out of the muck and onto the road (I think he enjoyed that after all the boring freeways we've on), so everything started off great! And stayed that way!

Winter's blast over our bow made for a beautiful morning's drive, with a thin blanket of snow enhancing the still green trees that have not yet bought into Autumn's collection of colors, though it might have been a wakeup call to a lot of trees to try out their new duds.

Along with corn, wind, and occasional oil, sorghum has entered the mix of crops along the road, but most of the fields are resting for the winter.

If you've driven I-70 west through Kansas, you probably remember it as a soporific trip. Somehow mile after mile of flat cropland loses its interest after a couple of hours, even for someone like me who was raised in that country. You might also remember that, like the bear climbing the mountain, every time you climb a big, long hill to the top, you see another, higher hill to climb, two or three or five miles away. That's no illusion. Though the state seems flat, you're constantly rising in elevation, from 267 m (876') in Leavenworth, to 956 m (3136') in Colby, for a rise of 689 m (2260'), almost half a mile. That translated into significantly reduced fuel mileage for the day, and I've only begun my trip over the mountains. Sigh!

Map of Journey to Oakley

Map to Oakley
Route of Journey to Oakley, Kansas, from Leavenworth, Kansas

High Plains Camping

This was a good campground for a rest stop along the way to the Rockies. It's set in a nice grove of trees, unlike most of the countryside. It has full hookups, though with temperatures dropping below freezing, I didn't put my hoses out. I just filled my fresh water tank, and then dumped my waste the morning I left.

There was a steakhouse just outside the campground that I thought when I entered that I'd try. But it turns out that the campground has its own restaurant, with an exotic menu that would have kept me coming back had I been there longer. I got the dry rubbed back ribs, and they were delicious.

I was disappointed to discover that I never got around to taking photos of the campground. Sorry!


My next stop after leaving Oakley was Laramie, Wyoming, where I visited the University of Wyoming and its Geology Museum.

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