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Brigham City KOA, near Brigham City, Utah

Brigham City KOA, near Brigham City, Utah

A Stop on the Phoenix's Grand Fossil Tour

By Jim Fulton

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I spent couple nights at Brigham City KOA, near Brigham City, Utah, to rest after a long, seven-hour drive from Laramie. The KOA was a pleasant place to stay.

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Brigham City, Utah

Arrival 2018/10/20
Day of Tour 455
Nights Stayed 2
Departure 2018/10/22
Map miles from last stop 399
Mileage on arrival 46,475
Actual miles from last stop 475
Accumulated miles for trip 27,958

I spent couple nights at Brigham City KOA, near Brigham City, Utah, to rest after a long, seven-hour drive from Laramie. The KOA was a pleasant place to stay, much better than the one in Laramie.

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The Journey to Brigham City

Wyoming to Utah, a long, seven-hour day, the longest drive pulling the trailer of the entire tour.

But the road was I-80, flat and superbly maintained, better than any other road system I've driven in the US. It was beautiful: a clear, sunny day; not a cloud in the sky. Started off cool, with frost on my windshield, but by mid-afternoon, my hoodie was feeling kind of warm.

Crossing southern Wyoming requires a special set of mind. I don't recommend it for children, who are sure to keep asking where the mountains are. The answer is: there are none. Not in the south. Oh, for maybe fifty miles west of Laramie there are a few mountain outliers. Not mountains really but foothills, with pretentious crowns of forests and light snow. The true Wyoming terrain ignores them as the unwanted aliens they are. That terrain consists of slope-sided mesas and rocky ridges, often topped by piles of stone that resemble the ruins of ancient castles, with an odd hoodoo here and there, scoured by the perpetual wind.

Further west, west of Rock Springs, you can see mountains on the southern horizon, true mountains with heavy snowpack. But they have kept to their proper place, in Colorado.

It was not until Utah that I was driving first in foothills, with the road winding horizontally to minimize the vertical roller coaster, then around true mountains, with huge, tiered cliffs of broken strata of sandstone. In places the tectonics appear to have been ferocious. On one side of a gorge, the strata lay at a comfortable mild tilt; on the other side the layers were almost vertical!

What I remember most about this part of Wyoming is the yellow, pale, weary yellow. The grass was yellow; the ground was yellow; the rocks were yellow, except for the occasional outcrops of limestone remnants from the Mesozoic inland sea. The only spectral relief was a broken overlay of pale green from the ubiquitous sage, and of course the clear, blue sky. It was only when I crossed into Utah that a higher dose of iron turned the land to red.

Autumn had not yet painted the Wyoming trees, because there are none, except for a few scrubby, brown growths in the occasional river bottoms (scratch "river"; "creek" is better). Utah, however, was celebrating the season with bright yellow and gold cottonwoods fencing their more substantial streams. Utah, like Colorado with its mountains, seems to be making incursions into western Wyoming: there, rising above the sage, were blankets of scrubby firs, cedar or juniper, I couldn't tell. Clearly not native to southern Wyoming.

Map of Brigham City

I am sad to report that I can no longer show the routes I took to get from place to place. Google, in its infinite corporate wisdom, now charges a fee to embed such"advanced" features, a cost which a pro bono site like this cannot endure. From now on, I will only show you the location of where I stay (at least until Google gets even greedier, and puts a price on those too). Nonetheless, you can still view my route, at no cost to either of us (yet):

  1. Click on "View larger map" to open the map in Google Maps.
  2. Click on the "Directions" button.
  3. Replace"Your location" with "Stanfield, Oregon".
  4. Hit Return.

Of course this procedure doesn't show you which among alternative routes I took, or what side trips I ventured on, or what strange adventures my phone's GPS might have sent me down, but I will give you an approximation of my route.

Brigham City KOA

My campground here was a marked improvement over the one in Laramie. I'm a good mile from the roar of the interstate, and there's a big mountain to the east. To the west is the Great Salt Lake, which I could only glimpse from the campground, and did not visit this time through.

The campground is a good place to camp for a while. It's modest in size and well-wooded. Many of the trees were the sage-colored Russian olives; others were being painted bright yellow and orange by the season. My site, along with several others, was huge, able to serve two smaller campers at need.

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Brigham City KOA
Brigham City KOA
Brigham City KOA
Brigham City KOA
Brigham City KOA
Brigham City KOA
Brigham City KOA
Brigham City KOA
Brigham City KOA
Brigham City KOA
Brigham City KOA
Address 1040 West 3600 South
Perry UT 84302
Home Page
Phone (800) 562-0903
Rate (net US$) $43
Sewer Fire-Ring
Picnic Table   Paved Patio
Pull-through   Back-in
  Paved Gravel
Site Type
Lane Surface
Site Surface
  Paved Gravel   Grass    
  50 30   20
Playground Swimming   Golf
  Tennis   Waterfront   Other
Play Areas
Reviews (as of 2018/10/21)
Rating Out of
(Highest: Best - 1: Worst)
RV Park Reviews 5.7 Average 10
Good Sam 7.5 10
KOA 4.5 5
Tripadvisor 3.5 5
Phoenix 7 10
Attractiveness 7 10
Tree Cover 7 10: Dense - 1: Treeless
Site Size 8 10
Ease of Access 6 10
WiFi Phoenix 9 10
  • Attractive, well-wooded
  • Convenient to, but not near, interstate
  • A few sharp turns for a 5th wheel


My next stop after leaving Brigham City was Boise, Idaho, for a brief rest stop on the way to Washington.

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