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Phoenix Nest Photos:

Load Them All ... Or Not?

By Jim Fulton


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The Phoenix often includes a large number of photographs in the stories he posts. You might be offered the opportunity to load all the photos at once. This page describes the trade-offs involved in that choice.

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Title Phoenix Nest Photos
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The Phoenix sometimes includes a large number of photos in his stories. This is especially true on his "blog" of his Grand Fossil Tour. Photos are normally reduced in size from the original version from the camera, but still take a few seconds to load. You have a choice:

  • Click on the Load All Photos button. All the photos will load at once. This may take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed, but once done, you can browse through each photo gallery without further delay.
  • Continue without clicking on the Load All Photos button. You will experience a brief delay the first time a photo is loaded.

Which you choose depends both on how much memory you have on your device, and on your style of managing frustation. Do you prefer getting your wait time over and done with in one fell, and significant, swoop? Or do you prefer to spread it out over a large number of increments?

By the way, the Phoenix will sometimes offer you the opportunity to view the highest resolution version available. If you choose to view such an image, it will be opened in a separate browser window, and will not be affected by the Load All Photos option.

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